10 Things Deer Are Thinking About

What are these deer thinking about? We will never actually know, but it's fun to guess. Enjoy!

Every deer hunter tries to get inside the mind of their prey. What are they really thinking, though?

"What is that two-legged fat thing looking at?"

"I'm going to go over there to eat, then I'm going to go over there to eat."

"Yes, I smell that thing and hear that thing and see that thing. But, I'm pretty sure that thing doesn't have something that can kill me from that far away, so I'll just go back to eating."

"Same ol', same ol'. They show up around this time every year, all uncoordinated, slow, loud and stinky."

hunting without camo

"I just HAVE to see if I can get across that flat black strip before that loud, fast, shiny thing goes by. Hold my beer."

mule deer buck

"Look at it. It has that human-in-sunlight look."


"Hmmm? A big pile of apples right here on the trail. They weren't here yesterday. Lucky me!"

"I'm always so surprised when I see . . . anything!"

"At least I'm not a dik dik."

"You see these antlers? Yea, I'm kind of a big deal."