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10 Reasons Hunters Are Better In Bed

Two guys walk into a bar. One is a hunter, the other is not. Here is why, ladies, you may want to go home with the hunter.

Hunters are good at just about everything, or at least we think we are. But ultimately, if the world was coming to an end, hunters are survivalists. We are more in touch with our origins than most other groups of people.

But what about in the sheets? Modern hunters are plenty successful with their craft, and I'm not trying to be sleazy or anything, but there's likely some investigating to be done.

Here is why I think a hunter's skill extends beyond the forest line and into the bedroom.

1. Hunters can go all day.

That's a fact! Hunters have stamina. We can get started first thing in the morning and go until the sun sets.

Truth is, if it's legal to go all 24 hours, you bet hunters will do it.

2. Scent control is important to us, so we don't stink.

Bottom line, hunters are scent free. While the sweaty, stinky, smelly dude is still at the bar, you've found yourself an odor-free machine of a man.

3. We can easily and quickly adjust to your needs.

Hunters have an amazing ability to adapt. Change comes at a moment's notice, but it's how well a hunter can adapt that leads to success.

Hunters are known for this. They can take on anything that comes their way. Throw something in the mix and you will be pleased with what you find.

4. We're good with our hands.

Everything we do starts and ends with our hands. Sure, our work may be 75% mental and 25% physical, but that 25% physical is usually more physical work than most do at 100%.

Though they're strong and agile, a hunter's hands are also gentle and comforting.

5. Hunters are mentally focused.

Hunters are set to succeed. They have the concentration to stay on track to get the job done. Some people tend to have a wandering mind or lose track of what's important. Not hunters. We are geared to stay on track and won't let anything ruin our focus.

6. It's not always the size of the rack, but the quality.

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Hunters know a quality rack when they see one. Often times, they're so coveted, hunters will go to great lengths to help care for it.

7. We don't mind cleaning up.

Hunters are not only organized, but when we get done with whatever we're doing, we make sure we're cleaned up and ready to go for the next time. It's a preparation and completion mentality that is instilled in us from day one. Things can get hot and heavy, but a hunter ensures no matter how crazy it gets, things will be cleaned up for the next time.

8. We love to cook.

When the job is complete, to the kitchen we go. A hunter will caress and take care of you in bed and then in the kitchen. You will never go unsatisfied with a hunter.

9. Hunters always hit their mark.

Bottom line, we may spend a lot of time practicing, but that's just so when it's game time, we know what we are doing. You can interpret that in your own way, but just know, we seldom accept failure.

Hunters do their research in advance and know exactly what spot on the body will get the job done.

10. We love to get dirty.

As hunters, there's no doubt getting dirty is part of the game. Hunters can do it all. But no matter what, in the end, we always clean up nice.

Bonus: We like to go where no man has ever gone before.

There's no place most a hunter won't go. The farther away from the beaten path, the better. Expect new and exciting things that you may never have thought possible when you get a hunter in the bedroom.

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