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10 Hunting Influencers Worth a Follow


We wanted to make you aware of 10 up-and-comers on social media that are putting out great content related to hunting and the outdoors. Everyone on this list has 5,000 followers or less and yet they are consistently delivering the goods, because a high volume of followers does not always translate to expertise or quality content. This list focuses on quality over quantity. Give these creators a follow and get a cool view of their outdoor journeys.

Pete Brookes

Dr. Pete Brookes @brookesoutdoors is one of America's leading voices on foreign policy and national security, but in his downtime he is an avid outdoorsman and an award-winning outdoor writer. He is a fishing, hunting, archery, and shooting sports enthusiast with a knack for sharing the joy of these activities.

Ashley Peters

Self-proclaimed grouse lady Ashley Peters @grouse.lady is all about grouse hunting. Minnesota-based and adventure-fueled, her Instagram is an unabashed celebration of the outdoors.

Morgan Gemay Marks

A writer, poet, angler, and hunter, Morgan Gemay Marks @ramblingandrooted shares her love for the outdoors using words and imagery. Her content is softer than a lot of the other accounts that show up in the outdoors sphere. It is calm and aware and fills the Instagram feed like a meandering brook trickling through a wispy field on a windy day.


Anne Jolliff

Montana-based Anne Jolliff @anne_inthe_outdoors is a Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Chapter Leader and Board Member, Artemis Sportswomen Ambassador, a Montana Wildlife Federation Ambassador, and a Wild Montana Conservationist. She is passionate about conservation and passing that love of wild things on to the next generation. She does not preach from the sidelines, she is actively involved in advocating for the outdoors.

Eric Morris

Hunting guide and television personality Eric Morris, the @nontypicaloutdoorsman, is on a mission to diversify hunting. His show, N.onT.ypical Outdoorsman takes a down to earth approach - no flash or fuss - just a diverse group of folks out there hunting. His Instagram chronicles his hunting adventures all across the nation and beyond in pursuit of a variety of game, including hog, bear, whitetail deer, turkey, and more.

Amy Siewe

Professional python hunter Amy Siewe @pythonhuntress_amy is fearless and fun and driven to save the Florida Everglades from invasive pythons. She not only hunts them but makes leather products such as purses and watchbands from the harvested snake skin. Her content is refreshingly honest and she shares the full process from hunt to snake-leather goods.

Dan Mathews

Dan Mathews, @thenomadicoutdoorsman is host of the popular podcast of the same name, the Nomadic Outdoorsman. He is an avid outdoorsman, vocal Christian, and family man. His show shines a light on regular, everyday folks with a shared interest in hunting and the outdoors.


Ann Lester

Georgia-based Ann Lester @ga_country_girl talks the talk and walks the walk. She is an all-around outdoorswoman and a taxidermist. Her social media overflows with her love of the outdoors and all that entails.

Tovar Cerulli

Vegan turned hunter Tovar Cerulli @tovar.cerulli is the author of The Mindful Carnivore. He shares tidbits of his outdoor adventures and tips for others. He also provides clarity and commentary on social issues that affect humans and hunting.

Phyllis Pettiford

Phyllis Pettiford, creator of the Massachusetts-based Women on the Outdoors @women_in_the_outdoors is a huge cheerleader for women who are learning or want to learn outdoor skills such as hunting or fishing.


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