10 Hilarious Hunting Pranks You Want to Try This Season (or Do You?)

These 10 hilarious hunting prank videos will have you in stitches.

We've all been there, hunting is a little slow. There are days where you are sitting and waiting for a very long time. The deer aren't moving, but the pranks are in full swing.

1. Novice Hunter is Hilarious

This video is simply hilarious. A new hunter shoots at, what he thinks, a "big buck." Little does he know that his buddies set up  a decoy. This guy will never live this one down.

2. Jackie Bushman at His Finest

Check out these clips from the "Buckmasters" show. Jackie versus a hog, snake, and armadillo is absolutely hilarious.

3. Dog  Scared in Deer Head Prank

This dog doesn't know what it's getting into. The pup's name is Maymo and he wasn't really into the idea of deer head chasing him down. I can't blame the little guy.

4. Dear Poop Interpretation Prank

Two wildlife experts are teaching people about deer. One of them finds a pile "fresh pile of poop" and does a taste test. Watch the reactions of the people.

5. Talking Deer Prank

This video is a classic! A fake dead deer talking on a hood of a car; how can't it be funny?

6. Strip Strip Goose

These folks play a game of strip strip goose. If you miss a goose, you lose a layer of clothing. This video will be sure to give you a chuckle.

7. The Hunter and the Hunted...

Talk about ironic. This cat thinks he's getting a meal, but his cat buddy says otherwise.

8. Gorilla Suit Prank

Need an idea to spook your hunting buddy? Look no further, just be careful and don't get shot in the butt.

9. Classic Hidden Camera Prank

These folks were out coyote hunting and one of the hunters fell behind. One jokester decided to hide behind some bushes and offer a good scare. If anyone was wondering, all firearms were unloaded.

10. Mouse in Glove Box

This jokester puts a mouse in the glove box and surprises his friend. This is a good prank to have in your back pocket this season.

Make some memories with your hunting buddies this season. They may be mad for a little while that you duped them but in a few years it will become the talk around the grill.

"Remember that one hunt, Bill?"

Just make sure to be safe and keep those firearms unloaded.