10 Good Reasons to Try a Teepee Tent (Yes, Really)

Teepee tents bring back a timeless shape for portable shelter, and you might like it more than you think.

Here are 10 things you can do in a teepee tent that you might not be able to do in a standard one.

1. Enjoy your standing room

A teepee tent is designed to allow you to stand up inside. Even if you go with a fairly small one, it reaches a height of six and a half feet in the middle.

2. Easily eat inside your tent

Don't let bad weather shorten your trip! A teepee tent has plenty of elbow room inside for eating out of the rain.

3. Sleep your whole family for under $175

10' by 10' teepee tent ($98.99) can sleep up to six people. With gear and personal items inside, many reviewers find it's still spacious enough for three. For another $60, you can upgrade to the larger 18' by 18' teepee tent, designed to sleep ten or twelve.

4. Listen to the rain rolling smoothly off the surface all around you.

There is nothing like the lullaby of a rainstorm gently soothing you to sleep while you stay warm and dry. Rain never sounded better than on the surface of a teepee tent: many Guide Gear fans enjoy using one right in the backyard.

5. Set up a big tent in a small time.

The Guide Gear Teepee tent is lighter and easier to pitch than comparably sized tents. It's a breeze with two people, but even with just one, you'll find it's designed for the most intuitive setup and takedown.

6. Enjoy the view.

A teepee tent has room for windows on several levels, so you can observe your surroundings fully.

7. Control your temperature.

Because of the design of the windows and doors, you can easily set your tent up with gentle ventilation in the summer or close up and stay toasty in the winter.

8. Keep bugs out.

Fine mesh windows ensure you can enjoy fresh air without inviting blood-sucking pests inside.

9. Bug out.

Few things can beat a teepee tent as a survival shelter or a home away from home. This one is light and compact enough to fit in your bug-out bag.

10. Comfortably watch everyone outside trying to pretend they're not jealous.teepee tent guide gear feature

In the end, teepee tents are just plain cool. According to one reviewer, after he took his teepee tent out camping, a guy he met said, "If Gen. Patton and Chief Red Cloud designed field equipment, I think this may be the result."