You Need to Watch These 10 Elk Hunting Videos Before the Season Starts

These 10 elk hunting videos will get you pumped for hunting season.

If you're like me, hunting season can't come fast enough. I dream about it 24/7 it seems like. As the fall months roll in, hunting seasons across the states are beginning to open up. So if you're season doesn't start for another two or three weeks here are 10 elk hunting videos to get you in the mood.

Elk experts from across the country such as Randy Newberg and Will Primos, to name a few, will teach us how to successfully harvest a bull. Whether it's a 300-inch bull or a 443-inch bull, it doesn't matter. As long as the thrill of hunting is running through your veins and the joy of the hunt are the focus these videos will get you itching for hunting season to come sooner.

1. Randy Newberg

2. Elk 101

3. Fred Eichler

4. Solo hunter

5. 443" free range elk hunt

6. Relentless Pursuit speared elk

7. 82-yard elk bow kill

8. Bull elk charges hunter

9. Bowhunt or Die elk hunt

10. Will Primos hunts Colorado Elk

By no means are these 10 elk hunting videos the only great hunts out there. There are several more that are just as good from which you can learn a lot from before your season begins.

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