10 Dogs That Are Leading the Sporting Dog Contest

Here are the top 10 dogs that are leading the pack for the 2015 Sporting Dog Contest.


These top dogs are leading the competition for the 2015 Sporting Dog Contest. But don't worry, there is still time to enter and put your own outdoor dog in the running for America's Favorite Sporting Dog.

Entrance into the contest ends October 1 and the winner can win up to $1,000 in Sportsman's Guide gift cards. Enter here.

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These 10 dogs have captured the most hearts and have earned the most votes. Do you think your dog can beat them?

1. Archey

He's the best, most lovable dog in the house I've ever had!! Put him in a field where the possibilities of pointing out an upland bird n he's the most intense dog I've ever had or hunted behind!!! Never gives up!!!!


2. Nitro

Nitro, proving to be a very versatile GSP garnering titles in both upland and waterfowl and obedience, he currently ran an AKC retriever test at Senior level and got 2 passes. He has a very quiet, gentle demeanor and is also a certified therapy dog. He's my best hunting buddy whether it's Grouse, Pheasant, Goose or Wood Duck!!


3. Reagan

The perfect retrieve!


4. Guiness

The rooster in picture was about a quarter mile track in a tree line. It was great cat and mouse hunt until a break in trees than a point with him quivering in excitement. Bird goes up than down with Guinness retrieving the big bird.


5. Happy

Happy is a 4 year old yellow Labrador Retriever. From a young age, she has been following me everywhere in the bush, whether it's for hunting, trapping, or fishing. Here she is photographed at my old trapping/hunting cabin during moose hunting season, where she had just heard a gun shot. She was very alert of her surrounding. As a female who loves the outdoors, having my female hunting dog with me is very empowering. I trained her myself and I am very proud of the training level I've got teach her. She retrieve's like a pro either on land or water.. Happy is definitely America's Top Sporting Dog.


6. Parker

This is Parker a three year old, Curly- Coated Retriever, returning with a retrieve at an AKC Hunt test. He's been by my side in the hunting blind picking up birds in freezing temps and is training to earn his AKC master hunter title. He's also a Champion in the show ring!


7. Jake

A true hunting companion, Jake exhibits the qualities of a flushing spaniel as well as a retriever. Smaller than some hunting breeds, Boykin Spaniels are known as the dogs that "won't rock the boat," yet they still have the heart and drive of larger hunting dogs. His desire to please, his instinct to hunt and his drive to persevere and "bring the bird back" are what make him a true Boykin Spaniel and one of America's Top Sporting Dogs.


8. Scout

We lost Scout early this year. He was a dog that loved to be with his people. He was always ready for a day of adventure.


9. Cora

Cora is a dream to work with, she's hardworking and dependable. That's why she's America's top sporting dog.


10. Mokka

Mokka is my first dog. She is a 6 month old German Shorthair puppy. Words can't describe how proud she makes me! She is a sweetheart at home and a beast in the field. She has the drive to be a great bird dog. I can't wait to see what this fall brings!


Think you got these dogs beat? Head here to enter your own dog and here to vote for dogs already entered!

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