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10 Incredibly Cool Tents We Can't Wait to Crawl Into

These ten incredibly cool tents might be the future of camping.

From wigwams to tents that charge electronics, tent designs have changed dramatically over the years. Humans have figured out how to make camping easy, and that's a good thing. We've turned metal tent poles into inflatable air tubes, condensed massive canvas shelters into pint-sized packages. We've even figured out ingenious ways to set up tents in trees. Here are 10 incredibly cool tent designs that take camping to the next level.

The Orange Concept Solar Tent

The Orange Concept Solar Tent never made it to market, but it would have been cool if it did. This solar-powered tent is made from a photovolatic fabric that uses sunlight to power the tent's underfloor heating, lighting,, Wi-Fi console, and charger. Designed for festivalgoers and urban campers, this tent is also a perfect fit for long camping trips

Image via Oddee

Tree House Camping Tent

This tent that looks like a cork is, surprise, made entirely out of cork. The tent is a collaborative design project called the Tree House. The designers wanted to make a tent that was environmentally friendly and made from 100% sustainable material. Cork has ideal thermal insulation properties and it's lightweight. While it appears large, the tent breaks down to portable parts that can be rolled up into a bag. Genius.

Image via Yanko Design

The Mountain Hardware Stronghold Tent

You'll find this portable fortress at the base camps in Antarctica and the Himalayas. The Stronghold Tent from Mountain Hardware is the company's toughest tent. It's double-walled design is nearly impervious to extreme weather conditions. So when all Hell is breaking loose on the outside, it's calm on the inside. The roomy interior can accommodate 10 people. Also, who wouldn't want a tent called a stronghold?

Image via Mountain Hardware

The Series II Expedition

If you own a motorcycle, you probably baby it too. With this tent you can cover up your ride and sleep next to it too. The Series II Expedition Tent has a garage bay that's big enough to shelter a full-size motorbike. The bay also serves as a sheltered cooking area, workshop, and changing room. The sleeping section accommodates two adults.

The Kahuna Tent

The is an outrigger kayak that converts into a sleeping shelter. Screen cloths that mount over the bars of the outrigger serve as the base of the tent. This tent would be perfect for an overnight kayak fishing trip in Phuket or some far away island locale.

Image via

The VW Camper Tent

The Volkswagon Westfalia is a timeless adventure vehicle, and that's why we love this tent. There's not a lot to be said about the tent itself, other than it looks just like the real thing. The interior sleeps up to four persons, and there's enough room inside to stand up and move around. Pachouli oil and Birkenstocks not included.

Image via Firebox

Decathlon 2-Second Tent

Wouldn't it be nice if you could fling your unbuilt tent into the air and watch it pitch itself when it lands on the ground? Of course it would. That's why Decathlon created the ingenious tent that pitches itself in two seconds [Insert quip here].

Image via Pinterest

The Cave Tent

This might be the tent of the future. Designed by German-based Hemiplanet, the Cave tent is a lightweight shelter that uses inflatable air chambers instead of metal poles to hold itself up. The chambers inflate in less than a minute and the tent is relatively easy to pack up. It might seem airy, but this tent is designed to withstand extreme wind and wet weather.

Image via Tuvie

Tentsile Stingray

The Tentsile Stingray is a three-person tree tent that, well, looks a lot like a stingray. Access to the tent is via the floor hatch in the center of the tent. There's an available option to hang another hammock underneath the floor hatch, turning the tent into a suspended two-level fort. The tent can also connect to other Stingray tents to form one super tree tent.

Image via DudeIWantThat

Topeak Bikamper

The Topeak Bikamper tent is perfect for long-distance bike trips. It's a lightweight, one-man tent that attaches to the front fork of the bike. It has a waterproof fly and three mesh panels for ventilation and stargazing. Plus, it only weighs 3.59 pounds and it fits into a small stuff sack.

Image via Pinterest/DudeIWantThat

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10 Incredibly Cool Tents We Can't Wait to Crawl Into