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10 Jaw-Dropping Photos of Piebald Deer

Piebald deer come in many stunning colorations.

These deer made our top ten list because of their size, color patterns, and beauty.

A Piebald animal is an animal, usually a mammal such as a white-tailed deer or horse, that has a spotting pattern of large white and black patches. Piebaldness occurs due to genetic variations, not due to parasites or illness. Some specimens can also have physical deformaties. 

Check out the slideshow to see these amazing piebald whitetail deer.


Beautiful Buck

Image via Louisiana Sportsman

This special color pattern makes this a very unique kill. Piebald bucks are hard to come by and harvesting one really is a once in a lifetime experience.

A Splash of White Paint

Image via Pinterest

This whitetail deer looks like a large bucket of white paint was dropped on his back! What a stunning young buck.

Airbrushed Fawn

Image via Shadow Valley Whitetails

This whitetail piebald fawn looks like an airbrushed painting. I wonder what this fawn will look like as an adult!

Appaloosa Spotted Deer?

Image via Hubpages

This piebald deer looks like an Appaloosa spotted horse. Amazing!

Fairy Tail Deer

Image via Etsy

This whitetail doe looks like she could have come straight out of a fairy tale! She has big beautiful ears with white spots all over. Stunning!

Cute as a Stuffed Animal

Image via Leaf Lizzard

This precious little fawn is covered in big beautiful white spots. It looks like a stuffed animal a toddler would have in their room! Cute!

Almost Albino

Image via Rough Kut

This big, mostly white, buck sure is handsome. He has more white on his body than brown! What a beautiful animal!

A Prize Winning Buck

Image via Rough Kut

This buck looks like a man-made statue in the middle of the woods! His huge rack and unique colors would surely make him a prize winning buck!

Santa's Reindeer?

Image via

This buck is stunning and looks like he just came from the North Pole! Is he part reindeer or whitetail deer?

Almost Twins

Image via Rough Kut

These two deer look like they could be twins if it wasn't for the one's piebald coloration. What a stunning pair!

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10 Jaw-Dropping Photos of Piebald Deer