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You Can’t Handle This Bowhunting Kill Shot (Wanna Bet?)


When it comes to a bowhunting kill shot, you may not see a better one than this. Check out the best way to the shortest blood trail!

Any good hit in the vital organs is what we’re all looking for.

A double lung will always put meat in the freezer, but when you can hit ‘em in the “pump” like this shot did, they’re not going far!

Here’s the video:

Make no mistake, that’s one of the best shots you will ever see! Quartering away shots may be a bit more difficult, but it opens up the body cavity from that angle to a good shot like this.

Having said that, to put an arrow past the back leg, behind the front, and right in the heart is both amazing and really fortunate.

I’m willing to bet that not many of us practice this shot, but I think we all may start after this!

Congratulations to this excellent hunter, and may we all have such a short blood trail to follow as this good hunter!

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You Can’t Handle This Bowhunting Kill Shot (Wanna Bet?)