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809-Pound World Record Mako Shark Taken by a Bow on Film

Straight out of Jaws, this giant 809-pound world record mako shark was taken with a bow by Predator Pursuit.

Some records last forever and some records get broke. The world record Mako Shark taken with a bow just so happened to be one of those records that got broke on this day.

The host of Predator Pursuit hit the open water off the coast of Florida in search of a giant as they filmed for the show on the Sportsman Channel. Jeff had been attempting to find a shark of this size for four years, and he finally did it and got it all on film.

A good shot helped reel in the 11-foot beast! Watch it all unfold below.

At an incredible size of 11 foot from tip to tail and an astounding weight of 809.5 pounds, this left no discussion whether or not if it was a trophy, let alone the record. The shark truly was a king of the ocean.

And for all the haters out there, they were able to donate 400 pounds of meat to charities and food pantries for the less fortunate. Job well done!


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809-Pound World Record Mako Shark Taken by a Bow on Film