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Sailfish Jumps In Boat, Fishermen Jump Out [VIDEO]

Two fishermen make a quick escape into the ocean after a sailfish jumps into their boat and almost stabs them in this video.

Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica posted this video of a dangerous encounter between two deep sea fishermen and a sailfish. The anglers were fishing off the coast near the resort when they caught a sailfish that made a rare maneuver into their boat.

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In the video, the sailfish jumps over the stern to the back of the boat where two anglers were standing. Watch what happens as the sailfish jumps into the boat.


With its dangerously sharp bill thrashing back and forth, the fishermen decide to bail out in a hurry. The boat’s captain got the whole thing on his GoPro camera.

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Sailfish Jumps In Boat, Fishermen Jump Out [VIDEO]