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Road Hunters Caught in the Act By None Other Than ‘Robo-Deer’

These illegal road hunters fall for a robo-buck and the wildlife officials are watching. 

Sometimes, it takes a little extra effort to catch people who call themselves sportsmen, but are really nothing short of crooks.

Watch the video to see how illegal road hunters fall for decoy robo-bucks and then get caught by officials.

Cruising backroads in search of game, or road hunting, is legal in some areas. Not in Tennessee, though, where this video was taken.

These road hunters fell victim to a robot decoy buck placed by Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency Officers. This law enforcement trick involves placing a remote-controlled buck near a roadway while they wait for road hunters to shoot it. Some of the offenders in the video quickly figure out that they’ve been had and attempt to run…unsuccessfully.

The road hunters in this video paid thousands in fines and had their licenses revoked. Let that be a lesson to all would-be offenders. Stop road hunting. Get out of the vehicle and into the woods.

Need I say more?

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Road Hunters Caught in the Act By None Other Than ‘Robo-Deer’