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Insane 120-Yard Bomb Bow Shots on Prairie Dogs

praire dogs

Incoming! Tim Wells slocks prairie dogs left and right with his bow. Oh, and one from 120 yards.

If you are a big fan of Timon from the Lion King, you may want to refrain from this video. Tim Wells of Relentless Pursuit lets ‘er fly and puts a hurting on the prairie dog population to help this farmer.

If you have ever watched any hunting shows on prairie dog hunting, you know it looks like a blast. Most of the time people sit out at long distances and play a real life game of whack a mole with high powered air rifles. Tim switches it up and decides to launch arrows at them instead.

And not just any shots, but some up to 120 yards. And it is impressive.

The prairie dogs damage the farmers ground and tear the fields up. Which in return leads to cows and horses breaking their legs as well. So it is a problem that needs taken care of.

Many would struggle hitting a prairie dog from 30 yards with a bow. But Tim starts throwing bomb shots at 120 yards and finally knocks one down. And I am left with no other train of thought besides how in the world does he do that?

Without sights on his bow I might add, insane.

Bad day to be a prairie dog!

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Insane 120-Yard Bomb Bow Shots on Prairie Dogs