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Independence Day Moment: Army Vet Shoots Down Bald Eagle to Save It

With police and DNR officials stymied, up steps this Army veteran with his trusty .22 and the eagle was saved!

Jason Galvin stepped up to the plate using his .22 long rifle to shoot through the rope that was holding a bald eagle captive 70 feet up a tree. It wasn’t easy.

After over 150 shots, branches and rope began to give way and down came America’s pride into the waiting arms of wildlife officials who carried it away to a rehab center.

Here’s the whole story:

For two-and-a-half days the beautiful bird hung upside down from the tree. Officials had known about the bird’s predicament, but were unable to help.

Enter one Army vet with a great shooting eye!

Mr. Galvin said in the video “It was kind of weird, actually shooting in the direction of a bald eagle. I was very nervous. I didn’t want at all to hit that bird!”

After an hour-and-a-half and some 150 shots the eagle was free and off to a wildlife rehabilitation center where it is expected to survive. Dubbed Freedom by neighbors and friends this is one bald eagle that can thank a well trained Army veteran for the save of Independence Day.

Big cheers to Jason Galvin for his sharp-shooting, his service, and his care!



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Independence Day Moment: Army Vet Shoots Down Bald Eagle to Save It