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Hunter Captures Video of Moose with… Elk Antlers?!

John F Williams Photography
John F. Williams

A hunter in Colorado came across two bull moose, but one was not like the other! He knew no one would believe what he saw without video. 

John F. Williams, a professional photographer, was on a hunting trip to Arapahoe National Forest when he stumbled across a moose with elk-like antlers! Unfortunately, he didn’t have his photography equipment, but he did have a cell phone. He captured the odd-looking moose on video. Check it out for yourself: 

The Independent Journal Review reports that according to Lyle Sidener, a Colorado wildlife official, it’s not that unusual:

It is not typical, but it’s not I would say unusual. We’ve seen it before.

[Such a thing can be caused by] genetics, nutrition, injuries — things like that. There’s a lot a normal variability within antler growth.”

Now we know, apparently, moose can have elklike antlers!

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Hunter Captures Video of Moose with… Elk Antlers?!