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Here’s How You Deal with Trespassers Fishing in Your Pond


Don’t get mad, get even when some trespassers are pitching your timber without permission. Wait until you see this!

Here’s a great old video from Tom Mabe of MabeInAmerica You Tube glory. Back in 2009 Mabe posted this video prank he said he pulled with friend Jim Clark of what to do when you find a couple of ‘bass pros’ fishing on your property.

You just can’t fake the look on the faces of these two poor dudes as they are talked into taking off their clothes and waiting for a pair of jumpsuits.

Here’s the hilarious video:

Did they just get those dudes to do jumping jacks while being sprayed down?

Now when you and I see a pair of men walk up in toxic waste style Hazmat suits and tell us that we’ve been fishing on a contaminated pond we can have any reaction we want.

The trouble is these two poor guys took the bait hook, line, and sinker!

Here’s hoping that they came back with their clothes and let them in on the joke, but as anybody that has had to look out the window and seen people fishing or hunting on their property will tell you: let ‘em walk home naked!


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Here’s How You Deal with Trespassers Fishing in Your Pond