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How to Gift Wild Game to Your Family and Friends for the Holidays

gift wild game

Here are five ways you can gift wild game during the holidays.

Venison is typically most accessible for my family during the holidays, but you can use elk, bison or turkey to gift wild game this holiday season!

1. Canned Venison

gift wrap game

Try canning your harvest this season. Makes for a great gift as well as a convenient way to free up space in your freezer.

2. Bacon Wrapped Turkey

gift wrap game

Here’s one way you can literally wrap your game. Bacon! Try wrapping your turkey, venison or favorite waterfowl in bacon this Thanksgiving or Christmas.

3. Your Favorite Cookbook

wild game recipe

You can always gift your favorite cookbook with your wild game, so the recipient can try out some new flavors and ideas.

4. Venison Jerky Stocking Stuffer

wild game jerky

It is hard to go wrong with jerky. After bagging the jerky it becomes a good stocking stuffer to nibble on if you get cabin fever.

5. Yeti Filled with Wild Game

yeti wild game

If you are really feeling creative and generous, you can purchase a new Yeti Hopper and load it down with wrapped wild game ready to place under the tree.

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How to Gift Wild Game to Your Family and Friends for the Holidays