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The Frozen Fox You’ve Been Hearing All About

frozen fox
AP News

A fox that likely fell into icy waters and was frozen solid has been removed and is on display, encased in ice, not unlike some creature from a horror movie.

This now frozen fox was not so sly after all, or it was just extremely unlucky. It seems that the chicken stealing beast fell into the icy waters of the Danube, succumbed to the elements and ultimately froze in place in the river.

AP reports that Franz Stehle, of Fridingen, Germany, found the frozen fox and cut it from the ice, completely encased in its ice cube-like coffin. He has displayed the fox at his family’s hotel. 

Stehle says that he’s seen other animals frozen in the Danube. He’s found deer and wild boar that have broken through the ice, drowned and became trapped.

He said that the frozen creature serves as a warning about the dangers of the icy river in winter.


Just a couple of months ago two moose that were locked in battle made headlines when they were found frozen and encased in ice outside of Unalakleet, Alaska.

I cannot help but think of the horror movie, The Thing, when seeing this image of this animal in its block of ice. Better be careful as that thing thaws, Franz.

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The Frozen Fox You’ve Been Hearing All About