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Remember When This Hunter Caught a Gun Thief on His Property?

This deer hunter got a surprising tag while posted in his blind, and it isn’t what you’d expect.

Today’s world is a scary place, no doubt. The last place you’d anticipate a run-in with a criminal would probably be in the woods sitting in your stand.

This hunter encountered that exact situation while hunting, and fortunately filming, the entire incident. It’s always good to have a camera on your side in a situation like this.

You can tell the thief had no clue anyone was in the ground blind, even though that’s exactly where he was headed for to commit his robbery.

After the encounter, the hunter had a hunch as to who this man was and proved right when confirming the video with the man’s supervisor.

The local sheriff also received a copy of the tape who confirmed three outstanding warrants for previous crimes, all theft. Following this, the man found himself in jail within 24 hours.

While this isn’t necessarily related to the environment, this is another style of conservation that we like to see.


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Remember When This Hunter Caught a Gun Thief on His Property?