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Baby Hunting Video Spoof is Cuteness Overload

Baby Hunting

This baby hunting video spoof perfectly captures the off season blues.

Taylor Calmus is the creator of the Dude Dad Vlog. Dude Dad is a video blogging series in which Calmus hilariously documents his experiences as a first time parent.

Calmus was born and raised in a hunting family in South Dakota. Now living in LA, the new father makes a living as a comedian. In this most recent video post, he combined his family’s love of hunting with comedy in what might be the cutest hunting video you’ll ever see.

Here’s the video:

This 60 second video perfectly captures what seems like every hunting cliche known to man. Whether your a hunter, parent or just know someone who is, this video is sure to bring a smile to your face.

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Baby Hunting Video Spoof is Cuteness Overload