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Alligator Lizard Attacks and Bites Snake While Being Eaten

An alligator lizard that’s nearly gone down a king snake’s throat bit into his killer and the standoff began.

When Bryan Snyder took this viral photo back in 2014 it was enough to turn heads, and now it’s making the rounds again.

When Snyder was hiking in southern California a couple of years ago he stumbled upon this scene of epic struggle by happenstance. Luckily he had his camera at the ready.

Snyder said, ”Although almost the entire lizard had been swallowed, the wily critter was hanging on with its powerful jaws, refusing to accept the inevitable. It wore the snake’s head over its own as if it were a hooded sweatshirt, and cracked an eye open to gaze nonchalantly in my direction. Its attitude seemed to say, ‘No big deal. I can keep this up all day if I have to.’”

Interesting metaphor; even more interesting picture. Take another look:

snake eating lizard


While Snyder was quoted as saying that “After a few minutes of my staring and not leaving, the kingsnake did indeed begin to withdraw” alluding to the fact that the lizard would, astonishingly, live to fight another day!

As incredible as it seems someone even wrote about his original photo on a Reddit post “Alligator lizard fighting back from the belly of a Kingsnake. The lizard later won and escaped” causing the photo to go viral again.

It still seems shocking that one reptile that was up to its eyes inside of another could possibly escape, even with a death-lock on its captor. Stranger things have happened, but when it comes to nature nothing surprises us anymore!


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Alligator Lizard Attacks and Bites Snake While Being Eaten