The 5 Best Hunting Bows For Women

The 5 Best Hunting Bows For Women

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The female hunting audience has expanded quite a bit in recent years, and whether because of bow-toting heroines like Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games series, or simply due to a rise in overall bow-and-arrow popularity, slick compound bows are often the weapon of choice for women. In fact, the swell in female hunting interest has changed the way many bow manufacturers sell their products. Long designed exclusively for the length of the male arm, compound bows are now offered in a wider range of sizes and shapes – perfect for hunters of all sizes and genders. So, female readers, instead of trying to use your husband’s bow or to get by with a cheap child’s weapon, let’s take a look at some of the best hunting bows for women:


1. Bear Archery Home Wrecker Bow.

To start off our list, we look no further than Bear Archery. Lightweight (only 3.2 lbs!) and with an impressive shooting capacity at 280fps, this bow is sure to win over the heart of any huntress. Zero-tolerance limb pockets and axle-mounted weight dampeners do wonders for reducing and absorbing vibration. Available at Cabela’s.


2. Diamond Infinite Edge Bow.

The pink camouflage accents are back with this bow, but beginners will find much to love regardless. With a fully-adjustable design that can shift to suit a wide range of different draw lengths and weights, the Diamond Infinite Edge is perfect if you plan to share your bow between multiple hunters. The low price doesn’t hurt, either. Available at Cabela’s.


3. Quest Bliss Bow by G5.

Less expensive than both the Hoyt Charger Vicxen and the Diamond Infinite Edge, this bow is perfect for female archers shopping on a budget. The bow isn’t quite as user-friendly as the Hoyt, but an adjustable draw weight will allow most users to find their own perfect niche. Available at Bass Pro Shops.


4. Bear Siren Bow.

Yep, another Bear Archery bow made our list! Designed specifically for female hunters, the Bear Siren combines a comfortable hand grip, a smooth draw cycle, a shock-free release, swift arrow speed, and deadly accuracy into a single package. If you are looking to splurge a bit on price, this is the bow for you. Available at Cabela’s.


5. PSE – Chaos One.

Although targeted for youth as well as women archers, the PSE Chaos One is sure to be a female favorite. Though petite (this baby is designed specifically for small frames), this single cam bow performs with top IBO speeds. Plus, at $300, this bow comes in at around $400 cheaper than the average bow. Not bad, half-pint.  Available at Bass Pro Shops.


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