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33 Photos of the Worst Taxidermy Jobs You’ll See [PICS]

Here it is, what we’ve all been waiting for: an @CrapTaxidermy ‘Best of’ list.

If you aren’t familiar, @CrapTaxidermy is the latest Twitter sensation, famous for highlighting some of the worst examples of preserving game animals for display anyone has ever seen.

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A BuzzFeed article in late March put the Twitter account on the map, helping it explode to 108,000+ followers.

It quickly caught on and was spread virally across the world. The anonymous person behind it has to be from the UK, based on the clever captions he or she gives each one.

Fair warning, these are some of the cleaner tweets from the account, and if you venture too deep you’ll come across some captions that would be considered offensive.

Without further delay, here are the 33 best tweets from @CrapTaxidermy in its lifespan. Enjoy.

Featured image via @CrapTaxidermy

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33 Photos of the Worst Taxidermy Jobs You’ll See [PICS]