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World’s Greatest Angler Vows to Stop Great White From Reaching UK

The world's greatest fisherman says he's ready to battle the massive shark that's swimming across the Atlantic towards the UK.

US researchers have been tracking the shark, which they've named Lydia, for over a year. As of last Monday, Lydia was less than 800 miles from reaching Cornwall on the coast of Great Britain. But one man has vowed to stop her before she gets too close to shore.

That man is Zyg Gregorek, who is lauded as the world's greatest fishermen for his impressive big game fishing accomplishments. Gregorek, 70, told the Western Daily Press that he's going to catch the 15-foot, 2,000-pound great before it reaches the coast.

One look at Gregorek's fishing resume and you can see why he would think he's the man for the job. He's the only angler to have caught all 27 species in three "Royal Slam" fishing contests set by the International Game Fishing Association. In 2012, he became the first sport angler in history to catch five different game fish species over 1,000 pounds. And he's caught ten species of billfish, eight species of tuna and ten shark species. Three of those shark catches were great whites.

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"I'm no spring chicken, but I'm confident I could take it on," Gregorek said. "It would be like fighting a miniature bull but I've got all the experience behind me to do it. I've caught Great White Sharks in the past - they're very strong and are good fighters so I'd expect to battle with it for a few hours."

Gregorek is fixing to become the real-life version of Quint, the battle-scarred shark hunter played by Robert Shaw in the 1975 film JawsIn case you missed that seminal fishing film, watch this.

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Hopefully Gregorek will fare better than Quint did trying to catch Jaws. One thing is for sure: Gregorek's in for a Hell of a fight.

"When you're out there battling with a shark you don't have time to get scared - it's man versus monster, but adrenaline will keep me going.

He plans to catch Lydia from a 20-foot catamaran by luring it in with a trail of chum behind the boat and 130-pound line and 50-pound clasp to hook the fish. Gregorek said he will fight the shark on his feet rather than sitting in a "fighting chair," a shark fishing harness that is equipped with a rod holder. Apparently, he can't find one of the devices in England.

Once he's caught the shark, Gregorek will transport Lydia to safer waters and release it.

If anybody could catch the massive shark, other than Quint, it's Zyg Gregorek.


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World’s Greatest Angler Vows to Stop Great White From Reaching UK