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Zip Line Archery Might Be Our New Favorite Thing [VIDEO]

Why would anyone come up with the idea for zip line archery? Because it’s awesome, that’s why.

Practicing with your bow is a trait that can help you to take down every animal that crosses you during hunting season.

Normally while practicing, one will use 3D targets, a bullseye target, bouncing targets or even an old burlap sack filled with cotton or hay. But we found a variation that might put all those firmly in the “boring” category.

Check out this awesome video of Dustin Ellermann hitting his target while strapped into a zip line harness and flying through the trees.

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Ellermann was the winner of season three of Top Shot, and is certainly well-versed in the art of shooting. Still, four for four is pretty impressive.

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Zip Line Archery Might Be Our New Favorite Thing [VIDEO]