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Ziesel All-Terrain Wheelchairs: Getting Disabled Hunters Back in the Woods [VIDEO]

Ziesel all-terrain wheelchair

Ziesel all-terrain wheelchairs could be just what disabled sportsmen need to get back in the woods.

As you know, any sportsman lives for the outdoors. If we are not outdoors, we are usually thinking about the next time we can or will be. Just imagine if you woke up one day and the ability to go out into the woods was taken away from you. Disabled sportsmen, handicapped in one form or another, are either no longer able to go into the woods or their time in the woods is limited because of their disability.

While I have not personally been disabled, I do know hunters who have, and it is heartbreaking to know that something they enjoy so much becomes difficult, or even impossible, simply because they do not have the ability to walk into the outdoors. But hopefully Ziesel can start to change that.

Check out Ziesel's all-terrain wheelchairs below to see how they could help to get disabled hunters back into the woods.


While the Ziesel does look amazingly efficient, it does come with quite a hefty price tag, coming in at over 20,000 euro. This alone is enough to keep the Ziesel from becoming a household item. But with the help of large non-profit organizations it may be possible to purchase a few Ziesel all-terrain wheelchairs for sponsored hunts to be shared by many sportsmen in a given area.

Hopefully the Ziesel all-terrain wheelchair can be the start of a movement that can eventually make hunting, fishing, and an outdoor lifestyle accessible to anyone who wants it.

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Ziesel All-Terrain Wheelchairs: Getting Disabled Hunters Back in the Woods [VIDEO]