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Zero Your Bow Sight with the UNO App from Full Flight Technology [VIDEO]

Use your smartphone to set up your bow sight!

The UNO App from Full Flight Technology gives you archery ballistic technology that you can carry in your pocket.


While there are no shortcuts that replace time spent building and maintaining archery skills, there is now a smart way to cut down your zeroing time.

Young and new archers often have difficulty getting their sight set up because they are still building skills and working on form. Nothing is more frustrating to a new archer than trying to zero while still learning.



Full Flight Technology now lets us measure arrow ballistics with their electronic field tips and software directly on your smart phone. Inputting four measurements from your bow set up will produce an on-screen guide to set your pins or sight tape. If you don't have access to a chronograph, there are online calculators that will estimate your arrow speed. You can select yards or meters and customize distances from 5 yards or meters and to as far as you need. You only need to set up your first pin, the rest are matched to the on screen guide.

The UNO app will allow new and experienced archers to focus on skill building instead of messing with pins. While some of us can pick up our bow and hit a target, some archers have to travel or accommodate to get in some range time. New archers will often increase their draw weight quickly, requiring pins to move.

When buying a new sight, you can use the app to see how many pins you can use with your current set up or which sight tape you'll need.

This app is an excellent time saver especially if you have several archers in your family. It is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Images via Full Flight Technology

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Zero Your Bow Sight with the UNO App from Full Flight Technology [VIDEO]