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The Zen of Morel Mushroom Hunting [VIDEO]

Sometimes you don't want or need to hear words. Sometimes a couple minutes of music, the woods, and a basket full of morels is all you need.

Morel mushrooms. We've been hearing and seeing a lot about those wonderful, gnarly-looking little fungi lately.

The morel mushroom hunting season is, for many folks, one of the best times of the year.

It's all about spring, nice weather, getting out in comfortable clothes again, seeing and feeling the greenery, searching for treasures and, of course, eating those treasures.

Morel season is about peacefulness, hopefulness, and the promise of good things to come.

That's kind of what this lovely little film feels like too. We hope you enjoy it.

Do like the filmmaker says and head into the woods, arm yourself with a tiny knife, and pull your socks up over your pants to thwart enemy deer ticks. Feel the thrill of the hunt, and hope to return home victorious.

And...just add butter, salt, and pepper.

Here Something to Help You: 10 Tips for Hunting Morel Mushrooms This Spring

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The Zen of Morel Mushroom Hunting [VIDEO]