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Zac Griffith Hunts Big Colorado Mule Deer

Zac Griffith hits the high country in search of a late-season Colorado mule deer.

Colorado mule deer are some of the biggest you’ll find across the west. For this hunt, Zac Griffith cashed in his preference points and opted to hunt during the late season when the big boys would be rutting. His effort paid off… big time.

Watch the video to see how the hunt unfolded.

Zac’s Colorado mule deer hunt was successful for a number of reasons. First, he hunted during the breeding season when the big bucks would be moving more than usual. Second, he effectively glassed his hunting area until finding a buck he wanted to hang his tag on. Finally, he was able to pull off a couple of well-placed long-range shots to anchor the animal.

If you are looking to hit the Colorado high country in search of a buck like Zac’s, keep these skills in mind while preparing and pursuing your trophy, and you can succeed.

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Zac Griffith Hunts Big Colorado Mule Deer