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A-Z Camping: 26 Camping and Hiking Terms for Each Letter of the Alphabet

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Just getting into the outdoors? Here are some camping and hiking terms you should get acquainted with.

Hiking and camping are two of the biggest activities in the outdoor world. Every day more and more people are stepping away from their computers to reap the benefits of spending time in the woods.

Terminology is the hardest part when you learn something new. Here are 26 commonly-used camping and hiking terms from a to z to get you started.

A is for ACE (Army Core of Engineers)

They operate over 2,500 recreational areas in the U.S.

B is for Backcountry

Remote public lands, nationals parks, and wilderness areas that are uninhabited.

C is for Cat Hole

A six-inch or deeper hole for using the restroom. Dug far off trail or camp, and at least 50 yards from water sources.

D is for Dehydration

Excessive loss of water from the body. Remember you can only go about three days without water before you can die from dehydration.

F is for Fire Ring

A ring made of metal or rock used to contain campfires.

hiking terms
Buck Stove

G is for GPS

A global positioning satellite is a electronic device that triangulates your position to an exact longitude and latitude.

H is for Hypothermia

Condition where you body loses more heat than it produces.

I is for Iron Ranger

A collection box used to pay fees at campground without full time attendants.

J is for Jump-up

A section of a trail that is steep and rocky.

K is for Knots

Way of tying rope, cable, paracord, or string to hold something in place or together.

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L is for Layering

The order of wearing clothing that can be taken off or on according to weather conditions. Layers include: base, middle, and outer.

M is for Mummy Bag

A type of sleeping bag that is contoured to the shape of the body to reduce air space and trap body heat.

N is for Netting

Usually used to help keep mosquitoes at bay while sleeping. Good netting has 200 or more holes per inch of material.

O is for One-Pot-Wonders

Meals that are made in one pot, but have multiple course options.

P is for Poncho

Hooded, water repellent garment that drapes over the body for when it rains.

Q is for Quickdraw

Used in rock climbing to allow rope to run freely through bolt anchors while leading.

R is for Rucksack

A pack filled with enough items for a short hike or trip.

hiking terms

S is for S’mores

A great treat made around campfires by roasting marshmallows before placing them on top of chocolate between two graham crackers.

T is for Tinder

No not the app, it’s the base fuel to start a fire.

U is for Ultimate Direction

Company that makes numerous kinds of hydration packs and systems.

V is for Vapor Barrier

Liner used in sleeping bags to trap heat by stopping water vapor from flowing through.

W is for Widow Maker

A tree or limb that has a high chance of falling on a hiker or camper.

X is for Xshot

Company that makes GoPro camera extenders for filming your outdoor adventures.

Y is for Yoga Hiking

A new trend that combines the cardio of hiking to lookouts to do yoga exercises outdoors.

Z is for Zippo

Company famous for their refillable, windproof lighters used to start campfires.

Don’t worry, the more you get out there the more fluent you will become with the outdoor language. It is really good to head out with someone with a lot of experience who can teach you all the various terms you will need to know in the long run.



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A-Z Camping: 26 Camping and Hiking Terms for Each Letter of the Alphabet