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Yuri Grisendi is at It Again with Catching Giant Catfish

No doubt about it, Yuri Grisendi knows how to find giant cats all over Italy. 

If you've seen any pictures of absolutely enormous wels catfish, chances are it was caught Yuri Grisendi. He has made himself into a world renowned legend when it comes to hunting, catching, and releasing huge fish. It just so happens Grisendi recently posted a video showing himself in the water with one of these giant fish he has become so known for.

How do you think you would react to catching a catfish this big? It seems like just another day to Yuri.

That is pretty much insane. Any fish that has a mouth bigger than my head makes me want to catch it, but it also makes me want to avoid it as well. However when it comes to giant wels catfish like this guy chases, I'm pretty sure you can sign me up.

Release videos have really been taking social media circles by storm over the last couple years. Seeing clips like you just watched explains all I need to know about why that trend is only getting stronger.

Just like Grisendi, make sure you practice safe fish handling skills. Maybe then, with a little luck, we could all be catching fish that big one day.


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Yuri Grisendi is at It Again with Catching Giant Catfish