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You’ve Never Seen Pike Fishing in Water Like This

Amazing doesn’t even seem to describe this pike fishing video accurately, you must watch it to understand.

Filmed at Little Limestone Lake, Manitoba this pike fishing video illustrates the sheer brilliance of Canada’s northern lakes.

Watch as a crew of anglers head way up north for some epic pike fishing.

According to the YouTube user Little Limestone Lake, “has a unique water chemistry that gives it a brilliant turquoise coloration.” Did you see the cliffs at the end of the video? That’s where this lake gets its name.

Although this angler didn’t get his 40-inch pike while on this fishing trip, there’s always next time. This is something anglers from all over know, if you don’t get it this time you might have better luck the next go around.

In case you missed it Little Limestone Lake is in Manitoba, to get there head north four hours from Winnipeg.



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You’ve Never Seen Pike Fishing in Water Like This