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You’ve Never Seen the Mullet Run Like This! [VIDEO]

Who knew the mullet run could be this exciting? 

If you are a fisherman, and I’m talking about a real fisherman, this sort of video is hard to watch. When you see schooling baitfish breaking the surface, like you are about to see in this mullet run, how can you stop yourself from twitching?

I watched this video several times, and not just because of Darcie Arahill, the featured host of Darcizzle Offshore. Watching all those tarpon busting the surface as the mullet scatter, is flat out addicting.

Oh. My. God. That sort of action is what all fishing should be all the time! Watching those giant tarpon bust mullet is what every fisherman dreams of!

What do you think? Could you handle fishing giant tarpon during the mullet run? If so, check out Swamp to Sea and see what you can do.

Otherwise, be sure to check out Darcizzle Offshore for more incredible content just like this. New videos are posted every Thursday. You can also follow Darcie Arahill on her Facebook page.

In the meantime, you might want to watch this video again. The fishing season is quickly coming to an end.

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You’ve Never Seen the Mullet Run Like This! [VIDEO]