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You've Never Seen Helicopter Hog Hunting in Texas Like This

You've Never Seen Helicopter Hog Hunting In Texas Like This

Helicopter hog hunting in Texas is nothing new, but I can almost guarantee that you've never seen a helicopter hog hunting video quite like this one before.

When faced with daunting numbers of feral hogs, many farmers and ranchers are turning to helicopter hog hunting as a new method to control these devastating pests. Though hogs are very smart and tough animals, they are almost defenseless against a couple of determined marksmen in a helicopter.

Check out this awesome video to see some great shooting and a great example of just how effective helicopter hog hunting can be for dealing with an out of control feral hog population. Among other things, these guys shoot a semi-automatic shotgun and even a handgun at the hogs from the helicopter.

Remember: this is not supposed to be fair chase hunting. It is pest control, plain and simple, and as you can see, these guys are recovering all hog carcasses and fully utilizing all of the meat from hogs that they shoot.

The saying: you can run, but you'll only die tired, certainly seems to apply to this video.

Was that some great shooting or what?

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You've Never Seen Helicopter Hog Hunting in Texas Like This