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You’ve Never Seen Basking Sharks Like This Before [VIDEO]

Seeing basking sharks like this is a rare sight indeed. 

In a video hailing from the waters of Scotland, Sea Life Surveys created an absolutely stunning drone captured video of basking sharks in their natural environment. These giant sharks are harvested for consumption in Asian markets as well as succumb to accidental netting by commercial fishermen.

However in this case, luckily these huge gentle sharks are just captured on video.

Basking shark numbers are in decline all over the world. The overfishing of the second largest shark on the planet has lead to this fish disappearing altogether from some waters where it used to be abundant.

Basking sharks are completely harmless to humans. Despite their menacing size, they are known to only eat plankton, like whale sharks, through a series of specialized gills that flare when its mouth is open, as often seen from photos that represent the species.

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You’ve Never Seen Basking Sharks Like This Before [VIDEO]