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If You've Got the Itch to Do the Twitch, Watch this Video


This Footage from Fishing Addicts Northwest will have you going crazy for coho this fall.

The Fishing Addicts Northwest has created a name for itself through live feed tutorials on their Facebook page and discussions in their Facebook Group that have led to producing a marketable brand on their website. However, the roots of the Fishing Addicts Northwest crew lie within the footage they've collected of their fishing adventures over the years and uploaded onto their YouTube account.

This short film incorporates some of the first drone footage shot by the Fishing Addicts Northwest crew along some of Washington's Columbia River tributaries. The use of small baits of eggs under a bobber followed up by pitching twitching jigs into heavy cover show just how productive the technique can be in smaller water with lots of logs and obstacles.

Filming from a drone offers a different perspective into how coho strike, fight, and school in their natural environment.

The footage also shows the evolution in filming from above with the use of remote controlled drones that have captured breathtaking footage of Alaskan Sockeye runs and predatory attacks by sea lions. With the eventual progression towards subsurface remote controlled drones, it should be interesting to see what the Fishing Addicts Northwest crew has in store for its viewers next.

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If You've Got the Itch to Do the Twitch, Watch this Video