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YouTuber Almost Nailed by Bullet Ricochet in Very Close Call

Braden with Langley Firearms Academy inadvertently shows you why eyewear is very important when shooting.

While conducting a shooting demonstration with Langley Firearms, Youtuber Braden, nearly gets hit with a bullet ricochet.

Check out this clip and see just how close the bullet ricochet comes to hitting him in the slow-mo and super slow-mo replays.

Braden was testing the difference between a 9mm and .380 when impacting a set of bricks, but he got more than he bargained for as you just saw.

The bricks were set up about ten yards away and that bullet ricochet was so close to hitting him he probably felt the heat from it as it passed him by.

There’s nothing more harsh then learning things the hard way, but at least Braden was prepared and knew that a bullet ricochet could cause major damage to the shooter. If you take anything away from this video it should be this, always, always, always, used eye protection when shooting guns. Bullet ricochets are just one of the many things that can go wrong in these situations.



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YouTuber Almost Nailed by Bullet Ricochet in Very Close Call