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This Video Demonstrates the Differences in Gun Powder

differences in gun powder

IV8888 is on hand to explain the differences in gun powder types.

Today, class, we will learn all about the different types of gun powder from a man who knows them very well (and, not to mention, totally pulls off that T-Shirt).  YouTuber and master blaster Iraqveteran8888, or IV8888, has prepared a science lesson to share with us, but is a much more interesting education that you will get at any university.

From black powder to smokeless powder, Eric covers it all in a unique way.

This lesson is all about the differences in gun powder, including the unique characteristics of black powder in comparison to smokeless powders. The differences are seen in the burn rates, demonstrated through a very interesting experiment. Also explained are the differences between smokeless powders themselves, as shown in the burn rates.

Eric did a fine job in this “better than any chemistry class ever” video. Fire certainly is much more enjoyable than textbooks.


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This Video Demonstrates the Differences in Gun Powder