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Youth Turkey Hunter Calls up, Kills a Big Tom

This youth turkey hunter knows how to talk turkey.

After an unproductive early morning, a gobbler responds and closes the distance to the youth turkey hunter's calls. The gobbler hangs up on the far side of a creek, but it's too little, too late for this old tom.

Watch the video to see it all go down.

This hunt is a perfect example of why you should take your kids turkey hunting. It also shows some good tactics to employ when sharing the turkey woods with a youth turkey hunter.

First, by using a popup blind to conceal an antsy young hunter's movement, you eliminate one of the turkey's biggest defenses -- his sight. Second, letting the kid take part in the calling will make them a better turkey hunter and increase their level of enjoyment.

Turkey season is upon us. Don't let it slip away without sharing a hunt or two with a young hunting partner.


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Youth Turkey Hunter Calls up, Kills a Big Tom