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Youth Hunters in New York Can Now Wear Pink

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US Fish & Wildlife (Adjusted)

Is hot pink the new hunter orange for young hunters in New York State?

In an attempt to try to grow the sport, New York State governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law giving young hunters the option of wearing pink or orange.

Previously, while hunting deer or bear, junior hunters and their adult mentors were required to wear at least 250 inches of hunter orange. Now junior hunters have the option to wear orange or pink. There are no requirements for other hunting activities regardless of age or game, however New York encourages hunters to wear orange if possible.

The law comes with the attempt to grow declining numbers of hunters within New York. New York does not require the wearing of orange during general hunting season but does for youths and their mentors. With that, the law is targeting young, specifically female hunters, and trying to grow the sport overall.

Wisconsin was the first state to allow pink as an orange alternative for hunters last year. The movement of adding pink to the list may or may not recruit but will be a reminder that the sport is not just for men.

According to studies, deer only see in shades of yellow and blue. Many are concerned if the new pink, unlike orange, would be visible to deer. There are many colors deer cannot see on the spectrum and scientists claim that pink is one of those colors.

So as we grow this sport together and as states begin trying to accompany and recruit more young female hunters, pink may be the new orange. If having more pink in the woods means more daughters and parents or husbands and wives are out hunting together, I’m ok with that.

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Youth Hunters in New York Can Now Wear Pink