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When You’re Not Ready for a Monster Buck to Walk in…

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Drury Outdoors

Not every hunt goes according to plan.

We all know that getting setup when you’re bowhunting during deer season takes a great deal of time. Of course, there’s the time that it takes to walk to your spot. Then once you’re at your tree, even more time is spent getting everything that you need just right.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that while you’re getting your stand ready for the hunt, a monster buck can come wandering in at anytime.

Here’s a perfect example of what can happen when you least expect a monster buck to come walking in on a string.

Way to keep it together and drill that monster buck, Doug!  What a bruiser!

Whether you’re sitting up in the stand with a buddy filming a hunt or you’re a solo cam hunter, getting your gear set up in a hurry is absolutely critical. If you’ve filmed a hunt in the past, then you know what I’m talking about when I say that getting a camera arm ready to roll quickly is not always the easiest task 25 feet up in the air.

I’m particular when it comes to my camera gear because I need it to work every time and without a hitch. When it comes to camera arms, it’s easy to be misled into picking up one that looks like it will do the job, but once in action it just won’t cut it.

Check out the Hunter Camera Arm from Muddy Outdoors, one of my very favorite outdoor companies and for good reason, they make high quality gear. This essential piece of filming gear will have you up and running in just a couple of minutes and without a ton of adjustment, something that many other camera arms just can’t do. The lever adjustment feature on the Hunter can’t make leveling out any easier. Even better, this camera arm will swing out to 46 inches, just enough to get out around that tree to catch that monster buck come walking in.

muddy outdoors, camera arm, bowhunting
Muddy Outdoors

Good luck this season and be sure to keep those camera’s rolling!



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When You’re Not Ready for a Monster Buck to Walk in…