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You’re Going to Want to Head to New Zealand After Seeing This Trailer [VIDEO]

New Zealand

New Zealand is a sportsmen’s playground and on many people’s bucket list of places to see.

New Zealand offers something for every outdoor fanatic. Whether you are looking to go after fish in crystal clear waters, hunt stag in its forest, or take in the beautiful scenery by backpacking some great trails.

“Catch Magazine” is an online and printed fly fishing magazine. They dedicate themselves to capturing some of the highest quality footage and photographs of various fishing spots the world over.

One of their latest projects called “NZ Wild West,” follows their adventure to New Zealand’s South Island to go after some very big brown trout. Check out this short trailer showing off some of the rugged terrain they traversed and one of the beautiful trout they caught.

Seeing those amazingly clear water rivers and nicely sized trout just make you want to pack up and head over right away. New Zealand has been a longtime dream trip of mine and I can’t wait for the day to come I get to step foot over there.

If you want to see the entire film from T-Motion and “Catch Magazine,” then head over to their site. You will have to create an account and subscribe to their magazine for at least one year, which is $12 for 6 issues. Afterwards you will be able to access the entire feature on your desktop or tablet.

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You’re Going to Want to Head to New Zealand After Seeing This Trailer [VIDEO]