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Why You’re Going to Miss Your Target Buck This Season [PICS]

Here’s why you’re going to miss your target buck this season.

Every year, hunters target certain bucks that they intend to pursue. If you aren’t willing to put the time in then you are setting yourself up for failure.

There can be several different reasons that you aren’t getting your shot at your targeted buck or why you missed when you got your chance. Here are some of those reasons and simple ways to combat them.


Until you learn how to control your nerves they can be your worst enemy. Hunters hype themselves up so much about the deer that they’ve targeted that when the time comes to take a shot they can barely breath, much less aim a rifle or bow and release an accurate shot.

Fortunately for hunters, there are some simple ways to easily defeat nerves. The best way is to control your breathing. If you’ve ever been nervous, then you know that your breaths become quick and shallow.

You have to combat this by taking deep breaths and holding in your breath for a couple seconds at a time. Stay in control of your breathing until you feel you can accurately hit your target. Another way to get rid of nerves is to visualize your situation before you get there.

With every spare minute, imagine that you are in your stand about to take your trophy deer. This will lessen your excitement and nerves when you find yourself in this real situation.

Time in the Woods

To kill the deer you want, you have to spend time in your stand. Hunters go once or twice and if they haven’t killed a deer, they give it up.

There are a numerous amount of things that can go wrong and keep you from killing your deer but none of that matters if you don’t take the time to go. In other words, you can’t win the game if you never play.

The only way to fix this problem is to find a way to go. Get in your stand, no matter what.

Bow hunter demonstrating good safety technique using a haul line to bring up his bow into a ladder s
Wind Direction

With today’s hunters, it seems that wind direction doesn’t carry much weight. Scentlok clothing and scent elimination sprays seem to have taken the place of using the wind.

Although these things help tremendously, there is nothing like taking away everything there is to smell by sweeping it away with the wind.

This is a common mistake that many hunters make. You need to play the wind to increase the odds of fooling your targeted deer to come within range. The sense of smell is one of a deer’s greatest assets. You can completely take away a deers advantage by not giving them a chance to smell you.

With the wind in your favor, your scent is pushed away from the deer. If you aren’t using the wind to your advantage then it is nothing more than a disadvantage. This problem comes with a quick fix.

To always use the wind, you need to hang several different sets for you to hunt out of. Have a different stand where you can hunt your targeted buck for different winds. This also maximizes your time spent in the woods hunting.

Zeroing Your Rifle or Bow

You know that you need to sight in your rifle or bow before you ever go hunting. Practice is essential to be able to make your shot.

One way to ensure that your equipment isn’t going to fail you is to shoot it periodically. You have probably sighted your gun in at the beginning of the season and didn’t think about it again all season.

You need to shoot again every so often just to ensure that it is still zeroed. Bumps and collisions can easily knock your scope off or it can be something as simple as temperature change.

Warm days can have a negative effect on your scope by heating up the metal in your scope rings and loosening the grip on the scope. This can make your scope more susceptible to change from bumps or dings.

full hunter hunting rifle

It doesn’t take much to ensure your rifle or bow is still on. Just two shots can show you that. If you ever have any doubt after bumping your scope or pins take it and shoot it. The time is well worth it when you kill your target deer.

These are just a few things that could stop you from having an incredible season, but they have simple fixes. Hopefully you will be more successful in harvesting your targeted buck.

In hunting, put in the work and stay positive. Remember to control your nerves, spend time in the woods, use the wind to your advantage, and periodically zero your rifle or bow.

These four steps can put you on an accelerated path to having that trophy deer in your hands.

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Why You’re Going to Miss Your Target Buck This Season [PICS]