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Youngster Dives into Pond to Land a Bass [VIDEO]

We’ve all got those stories of the one that got away.

Happier endings are the moments when we tell stories of the one that “almost” got away. This young man from Florida got a monster bass to hit a live bluegill not once, but twice, hauling in the trophy catch to the bank where the hook broke free.

The bass, flopping in a mat of weeds near the shoreline hadn’t quite made it out of reach when the line went slack, so he dives into action to retrieve his trophy catch.

The determination of this youngster is something that often never leaves us. Another thing that never leaves us is the excitement of reeling in a lunker and shooting a little higher on the estimates before our catches reach a scale.

As a general rule, I always try to lowball my own weight estimates so I can pretend to be surprised when the fish weighs in  a little heavier than expected. “10 pounder!” he shouts when the fish strikes, then you can hear his slightly muffled excitement as he gets the fish to a scale and calls the weight somewhere between seven and eight pounds. They all feel bigger at the end of the line, and when you work as hard for them as this kid did, then they’re a trophy regardless.

After weighing the bass and holding it up for the camera, the youngster gently releases him back into the water. You’ve got to tip your hat to this kid for the effort, not to mention the catch and release ethics. He truly goes the extra mile for that glory shot, and gets soaked in the process. Check out the full video below:

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Youngster Dives into Pond to Land a Bass [VIDEO]