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Is This the Youngest Hunter to Ever Kill a Coyote?

Watch this young hunter dust a coyote at 200 yards.

We often dream about the days of old when children learned to shoot at a young age, and their proficiency with a gun determined if the family would be eating or not that evening.

Learning to shoot and handle a gun lies at the heart of the American story and for many families is a right of passage.

Watch this young hunter on a coyote hunt make an incredible shot.

The sad thing about this video is to see all the hateful and condemning remarks in the comments section on the YouTube page. People who don’t agree with this activity, or don’t understand it, blast the father for introducing his kid to this sport.

I would encourage anyone who doesn’t support this video to consider the following:

Consider the lessons learned behind this hunt.

In the video the father addresses several times all the practice the young hunter had put into his shooting skills. They practiced “all summer” according to the video.These types of experiences will encourage the youngster to work hard and that practice pays off.

Another point on this topic is the young man didn’t get his trophy by just showing up. He had to work at it and practice hard to succeed. Practicing to be good at something is a mindset we need to promote.

Even if you disagree with hunting, the father is a hunter and has every right to introduce his sons to his passion.

It’s called liberty, and it’s one great thing about being an American. Also, not only is coyote hunting the man’s passion, but it’s his business as well. Who would disagree with a person teaching his sons or daughters how to run the family business?

One thing that is starkly apparent in this video is the quality time the family has gotten to spend together.

From shooting practice, to the actual hunt, and to the stories I’m certain were told after its completion, these boys and their dad got to spend quality time together. Across America, and the world, I’m sure there are more than a few kids who would want nothing more than to spend time with their dad, regardless of the situation.

I’m sure this small article won’t stop the slander across the Internet, but for those who would belittle the man and smear hateful talk, take some time to consider all of the positives that go into a hunt like this.

This video shows a lot of the attributes we hold in high regard in American society.


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Is This the Youngest Hunter to Ever Kill a Coyote?