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Young Woman Has Freak Encounter with a Manatee on a Kayak [VIDEO]

Christina Weber

This young lady gets a crazy ride when she has a freak encounter with a manatee on a kayak.

Christina Weber, from, was in her pedal kayak cruising along with her husband when she had the encounter. It’s quick and startling, so be warned. Most people probably wouldn’t continue kayaking if they had an experience like this.

What would you have thought at first if this happened to you?

Now I know I would have been thinking shark if this happened to me. I can’t imagine how scared she was. Her screams give the viewer a good idea, but the fear and uncertainty that must have flooded her mind when she was nearly thrown off the boat simply cannot be conveyed.

Her husband had to have been worried too, at least momentarily, when he witnessed the collision. He was at her side seconds after the encounter offering his hand in celebration. This couple seemed to take it in stride.

With more and more people taking to the ocean in kayaks these days, equipped with cameras running, these types of encounters are bound to increase. Kayaks are so quiet, which makes them great for fishing, but in this case the stealth of the craft was more than likely the cause of the interaction.

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Young Woman Has Freak Encounter with a Manatee on a Kayak [VIDEO]