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Young Roe Deer Gets Stuck in Gate, Needs Some Help [VIDEO]

A stag roe deer is caught in a gate and may be in serious trouble. Enter the Wildlife Aid Foundation to save it from certain death.

The Wildlife Aid Foundation is a U.K. based group that has been saving and caring for wild animals for over 30 years.

This great save was caught on tape as two members of the group found a young deer on the verge of succumbing to its injuries.

Roe deer are an Eurasian species of deer that are somewhat smaller in size and stature than deer found in other parts of the western hemisphere.

They inhabit parts of England and Western Europe though in some areas were nearly extinct. Now having expanded their range, they are actually becoming a serious issue for some woodland ecosystems.

As one commenter mentioned, there is a severe wound on the hind-quarter of the animal that looked pretty bad. According to the WAF it was superficial and it was better to get the roe deer free.




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Young Roe Deer Gets Stuck in Gate, Needs Some Help [VIDEO]