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Will This Young Mountain Goat Attempt a Dangerous River Crossing?


Cliffs and rocks are no match for a mountain goat. Rivers are a different story.

A raging, glacier fed river is intimidating to anyone, let alone a young mountain goat. I’ve seen mountain goats in Alaska and where they live. They’re outright crazy. Every time I saw one, I stood puzzling how they got into the location they currently inhabited.

But, they’re built for those types of conditions. Rocks, cliffs and elevation are no match. Their hooves, however, are essentially useless on water-covered rocks, as this Discovery video shows.

The more experienced nannies don’t have an issue crossing the rapids, and some can clear the flow outright. The youngsters, however, require a little more courage. For one young goat, it took a little more encouraging than usual.

After a failed attempt that is certainly similar to chickening out of jumping into a cold swimming pool, he decides to go for it. He falls short, but instincts kick in. He is able to keep his head above water for the most part, and after some struggle, makes it to the other side a reunited with his mother. Lesson learned, and next time, he’ll be ready.



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Will This Young Mountain Goat Attempt a Dangerous River Crossing?