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Who Put That There? Young Moose Trapped in Tire Swing [VIDEO]

young moose

What happens when you mix a young moose eager to try out his antlers and an old tire swing?

I think you know where this is going. This group of Norwegian citizens are much more patient than many would be, and find a creative solution to a unique problem not faced every day.

Would you do the same if you found a young moose (indeed, any moose) in your backyard?

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Most people would have probably just cut the rope and called it a day. But then the moose would have had a giant rubber hat until spring, making woodland travel a bit more difficult and stressing the animal. These fine citizens take the time to actually release the young moose by getting the antler free of its rubber trap. After contending with the moose's flailing front legs for a couple minutes, the gentleman finds a new approach. An airborne assault!

Barely out of reach of the moose's frantic kicks, the man is eventually able to free the antler from the tire swing from his perch in the tree. Luckily the moose had enough after this encounter and meandered off instead of turning his aggression on the cameraman when freed. A kick from an agitated moose, even a young one like this, could become a critical situation very quickly.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has some tips on how to safely live alongside moose if you're stateside. In most cases like this, it would be wise to call your local fish and game department before tackling the situation. However, in rural Norway these folks did a great job improvising and ultimately saved the young moose.


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Who Put That There? Young Moose Trapped in Tire Swing [VIDEO]